Peach Crest Ranch is a leading innovator in high quality beef production. Bringing cattle from birth to consumer, we marry quality with integrity. We offer hormone free and gently raised animals to the discerning consumer. Peach Crest is a trailblazer in the meat industry.

Watch for Peach Crest Ranch meats in grocery stores this fall. See our current retail partners here.


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This page explains how Peach Crest Ranch raises and prepares its pigs for sale, the cuts available for purchase, and the options customers have for delivery. 


Our Pork is:

  • Raised Holistically
    • Natural setting is provided
    • Pigs move freely in groups as is their natural state
    • Pigs remain close to water, enhancing an innate need to self-regulate body temperature
  • Bring animals to food, not food to animals
    • Annual forage plan 
    • Bi-weekly movement to fresh forage
    • Mineral and enzyme supplementation 
  • Management Intensive
    • Hands on daily tending by the rancher
    • Only fresh water supply
    • Following a Paleolithic approach
    • FSMA in place
  • Turkeys live alongside the pigs
    • Turkeys provide natural parasite management for the pigs
    • Thriving on ticks and insects within the same pasture
  • Production
    • Capacity to produce four animals per week
    • Slaughtered at a certified humane facility
    • Delivered by Vinyard Fruit and Vegetable refrigerated truck

Cuts Available

  • Cure and Smoke
  • Gourmet European Sausage
  • Smoked Sausage
  • Summer Sausage
  • Artisanal Bratwurst
  • Italian or German Sausage Links
  • Bacon - Many Options
  • Boneless Chops
  • Boneless Hams
  • Specialty Cuts available upon request 

Delivery Options

  • Weekly
  • Fresh
  • Frozen

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To place an order for Peach Crest Ranch meats, please email us at orders@peachcrestranch.com