Peach Crest Ranch is a leading innovator in high quality beef production. Bringing cattle from birth to consumer, we marry quality with integrity. We offer hormone free and gently raised animals to the discerning consumer. Peach Crest is a trailblazer in the meat industry.

Watch for Peach Crest Ranch meats in grocery stores this fall. See our current retail partners here.


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Our Beef

This page explains how Peach Crest Ranch raises and prepares its cattle for sale, the cuts available for purchase, and the options customers have for delivery. 






Peach Crest Beef is:

    • Raised holistically
      • Natural Setting is provided
      • Cattle graze in herds
    • Bring animals to food, not food to animals
      • Annual forage plan
      • Moved to fresh pasture every three days
      • Mineral and enzyme supplementation
      • Apple Cider Vinegar strengthens gut health and eliminates parasitic infection
    • Management intensive
      • Hands on daily tending by professionally trained cowboys
      • Humane treatment
      • Fresh windmill pumped water only for the last 60 days
      • FSMA in place
    • Raised on untreated land
      • Prairie grasses and natural forbs grow on the land
      • No pesticides or contaminants exist on the land
      • Soil health promotes environmental biodiversity 
      • No feedlots ever
    • Production
      • Slaughtered at a certified humane facility
      • Dry aged for two weeks
      • Delivered by Vineyard Fruit & Vegetable refrigerated truck

    Cuts Available:

    • Loin
    • T-Bone
    • Club
    • Round
    • Roast
    • Stew Meat
    • Soup Bone
    • Short Ribs
    • Chili Meat
    • Hamburger
    • Brisket
    • Skirt & Flank
    • Loin Tip
    • Heart
    • Tongue
    • Liver

    Delivery Options

    • Weekly
    • Fresh
    • Frozen

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    To place an order for Peach Crest Ranch meats, please email us at orders@peachcrestranch.com