Peach Crest Ranch is a leading innovator in high quality beef production. Bringing cattle from birth to consumer, we marry quality with integrity. We offer hormone free and gently raised animals to the discerning consumer. Peach Crest is a trailblazer in the meat industry.

Watch for Peach Crest Ranch meats in grocery stores this fall. See our current retail partners here.


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Meet The Ranchers

This page introduces ranchers Susan, Jessica, and Jonathan and provides a little background information on each. 

Meet the Ranchers

Susan & Jessica Bergen

Mother daughter duo Susan and Jessica Bergen are taking their desire to make life better for others into the development of Peach Crest Ranch. 

Susan continues to forge ahead as a pioneer in many ways. She oversees all the ranching, farming and cattle sectors of business for Bergen Enterprises. Her years in the industry have driven her to do things differently. Susan is passionate about clean agriculture using the people, planet, profit model of sustainability in her business.

Jessica was brought up in the Bergen business, selling for years at farmers' markets, but didn’t hold her first formal position with the company until her days in graduate school at the University of Oklahoma. Since beginning as an assistant to her dad’s administrative assistant in 2008, Jessica now has oversight of the family’s restaurant assets in five states, serves as the pace setter for the office staff, manages over 52 rental units near the University and owns Calypso Cove Marina on Lake Thunderbird with her husband, Robbie. Her resume now includes brand manager of Peach Crest Ranch.